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Viewing Among the Machines

Make time to see Among the Machines at London’s Zabludowicz Collection, a major new exhibition of works from the collection examining how humans interact with machines and non-human entities. Rather daringly, it also considers how we will respond to a stage of evolution beyond the human.

It features 13 international artists, including Anicka Yi, Rebecca Allen and Simon Denny, who are engaging with various technologies to critically reflect on our current moment of change. Together, they tackle everything from new types of consciousness and alternative evolutionary branches to the impact of technology on our sense of individual and collective identity, and our relationship to the planet.

Shown alongside video, sculpture and interactive computer installations are new augmented reality artworks created in direct response to the gallery space. This is a mindboggling show, but it’s well worth a whiz round.

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The Wick - Viewing Among the Machines
The Wick List

Viewing Chris Ofili: The Seven Deadly Sins

The Wick - Li Hei Di
The Opposite of Black is Red, 2018
Maryland Ins)tute College of Art, Bal)more, ML
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Viewing London Gallery Weekend

La vague, 1896

Oil on Canvas,
121 x 160.5 cm
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Viewing Bathers

The Wick - The Power of She, Installation Shot
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Viewing The Power of She

The Wick - Gary Simmons
Ghost Town Skies
Oil paint and cold wax on canvas
213.4 x 274.3 cm / 84 x 108 in
Photo: Keith Lubow

© Gary Simmons
Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth
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Viewing Gary Simmons This Must Be the Place

The Wick - Vicomtesse Jacqueline de Ribes and Raymundo de Larrain, New York, Flatbed scan of 105.53.
Scanned for the 2022 Avedon Centennial Exhibition
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Viewing Avedon: Glamorous