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Viewing LuYang: LuYang NetiNeti

Immerse yourself in the multi-sensory world of Chinese artist LuYang at London’s Zabludowicz Collection. Their critically acclaimed solo show, which has been extended until 12 March due to popular demand, features a new video commissioned by the Zabludowicz Collection as well as a film centring on the artist’s avatar Doku and an interactive retro-futuristic arcade space in which visitors can explore LuYang’s investigations into the human body and mind through reimagined games such as Space Invaders.

Inspired by the cultures of anime, video games and sci-fi, LuYang combines Buddhist philosophy with aspects of neuroscience and digital technology to explore complex themes such as life, death, religion and the physical. His works are at once arresting and perplexing, raising questions around human existence, identity and purpose.

LuYang’s practice doesn’t shy away from meaty topics — or from destabilising established binaries like good and bad, life and death. It’s no surprise then that this is a visually challenging show that will keep the cogs turning long after you’ve left the building.

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22 September 2022 — 12 March 2023
The Wick - Catinca Malaimare, Gamma and Omega hold hands, 2023, performance documentation, Zabludowicz Collection. Photo Tim Bowditch 7
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Viewing Catinca Malaimare: Gamma and Omega hold hands

The Wick - Serge Attukwei Clottey: Crossroads, Simon Lee Gallery, London, Photo: Prudence Cuming Associates
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Viewing Serge Attukwei Clottey: Crossroads

The Wick - Installation view:
Julian Opie, OP.VR@LISSON/London
©Julian Opie, Courtesy Lisson Gallery
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Viewing Julian Opie: OP.VR@LISSON/London

The Wick - Installation view of Mike Nelson, Triple Bluff Canyon (the woodshed), 2004. Various materials. M25, 2023. Found tyres. Photo: Matt Greenwood. Courtesy the artist and the Hayward Gallery.
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Viewing Nike Nelson: ‘Extinction Beckons’

The Wick - My Reality is Different, 2022 (detail);
Animation chamber, 9-channel installation, sound: 25.15 mins
© Nalini Malani; Photo: Luke Walker
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Viewing Nalini Malani: My Reality is Different

The Wick - ‘Collect’, the annual international fair produced by the Crafts Council at Somerset House in London, showcasing contemporary craft and design from 40 galleries and works from over 400 artists. Picture date: Wednesday March 1, 2023. PA Photo. The 19th edition of ‘Collect’ features textile, jewellery, furniture, ceramics, metalwork, fibre art, and glass made in the last five years. The fair runs from March 3 – 5, alongside online presentations of all participating galleries in partnership with online art marketplace, Artsy until March 12. Photo credit should read: David Parry/PA Wire.
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Viewing Collect art fair