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Viewing Our Time on Earth at Barbican Centre

Art can be a reflection of how we see the world; it can also open our eyes to new ways of seeing. The Barbican’s new exhibition Our Time on Earth aims to walk you through this shift in consciousness physically, starting with the idea of Belonging, moving through Imagining, before you Engage. Intrigued? That’s step one.

Our Time on Earth wants to transform the conversation around the impending climate emergency through art by encouraging visitors to take an active role in the exhibition. You’ll enter into Sanctuary of the Unseen Forest by digital art collective Marshmallow Laser Feast, an immersive video installation offering a window into “tree time”. After contemplating humanity’s role as just one species among millions, it’s on to IMAGINE, presenting alternative value systems, with installations from Superflux; Brazilian intersectional Indigenous-led collective Selvagem; Symbiocene; Institute of Digital Fashion; environmental activist George Monbiot, and more. Revved up with possibility (think creative potential, not cars!) ENGAGE offers ways to get involved with creating this new utopia. Don’t miss Sonic Waterfall, the sound and light installation by Silent Studios inspired by their work with Damon Albarn on his solo album The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows.

The exhibition will take over the whole centre, with free interactive and digital exhibits presented in the Barbican’s public spaces and live events set to be announced. Running until the end of August, why not drop in as an escape from that unseasonably warm summer sun… Will you leave feeling inspired to make a change?

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05 May 2022 — 29 August 2022
The Wick - Gallery view Summer Exhibition 2022
Photo: © David Parry/ Royal Academy of Arts
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The Wick - Still Point, Nancy Cadogan
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Viewing The Still Point by Nancy Cadogan

The Wick - Serpentine Pavilion 2022 designed by Theaster Gates © Theaster Gates Studio. Photo- Iwan Baan. Courtesy- Serpentine 3
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Doing Serpentine Summer Season 2022

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The Wick - Sotheby’s Jubilee Arts Festival
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Doing Sotheby’s Jubilee Arts Festival

The Wick - Installation views of Among the Machines at Zabludowicz Collection
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Viewing Among the Machines