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Viewing The Still Point by Nancy Cadogan

This little exhibition is a revelation. Installed across Gillian Jason Gallery, the UK’s first female focused commercial gallery space, The Still Point comprises an intimate series of works by British figurative painter Nancy Cadogan that celebrate the simplicity and beauty of the ordinary, as well as the often-forgotten joyfulness of solitude.

As you meander around the gallery, you’ll see scenes of everyday life executed in a palette of pinks, bottle greens and midnight blues. There’s the woman writing in a notebook, the woman on the phone in a cafe, and the woman deep in thought. Books feature in many of these paintings, as do everyday objects such as coffee cups, plants and glasses. ‘It’s the idea of the body being still and the mind being completely free,’ says Cadogan.

There is something extremely peaceful about these compelling paintings of domesticity. Suffused with a sense of stillness and solitude, they prompt the viewer to reflect on the here and the there, the then and the now, the real and the fictional. We highly recommend swinging by the gallery to enjoy a rare moment of calm.

The Wick - Sedrick Chisom, Medusa Wandered the Wetlands of the Capital Citadel Undisturbed by Two Confederate Drifters Preoccupied by Poisonous Vapors that Stirred in the Night Air, 2021
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Viewing In the Black Fantastic

The Wick - Viewing The Still Point by Nancy Cadogan
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Doing Bold Tendencies 2022

The Wick - Cristina Iglesias
Growth I, 2018
Luis Asin for Cristina Iglesias Studio
Courtesy the artist and Gagosian
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Doing Cristina Iglesias

The Wick - Art Basel 2022
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Doing Art Basel 2022

The Wick - Gallery view Summer Exhibition 2022
Photo: © David Parry/ Royal Academy of Arts
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Doing Summer Exhibition

The Wick - The Demons Show
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Doing Women Artists' Art Week London