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Viewing Kristy M Chan: Totally Not

This bijou exhibition is bound to lift your spirits, comprising as it does four jewel-toned paintings by Kristy M Chan. Based between London and Hong Kong, Chan fuses figuration and abstraction to explore what she describes as ‘the relationship between a displaced self and the search for a notion of home’. To create her dizzying compositions in oil and oil stick, she draws on a range of inspirations, from her personal experiences to her identity as shaped by both Eastern and Western cultures.

Home in on Arm Wrestling Party No. 2 (2021), a large-scale painting depicting two figures in the middle of an arm-wrestling match – a sport the artist regularly practices. Executed in Chan’s distinctive, kaleidoscopic palette of pinks, blues, greens, corals and indigos, it packs a mighty visual punch.

Also worthy of note is Chandelier and Dim Sum Buffet (2021), which shows Chan unlocking a door with a kitchen knife beneath a glistening antique Chinese chandelier. Her work, she says, is ‘like a hologram of random memories all melting together and having a great time.’

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08 December 2021 — 15 January 2022
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