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The Wick - Charming Baker, The Enemy Within (Small), 2021

Discover Charming Baker, The Enemy Within (Small), 2021

Charming Baker, The Enemy Within (Small), 2021

Charming Baker shot to fame in the noughties for his witty take on well-trodden themes such as love, life, death, joy and despair. Solo shows at the Truman Brewery in 2007 and the Redchurch Street Gallery in 2009 were followed by critically acclaimed shows across the pond and a collaboration with Paul Smith for the 2012 Olympics.

His practice, which spans painting, sculpture and print, challenges you to ‘sit up and examine your conscience,’ as the art critic Edward Lucie-Smith so aptly put it. One of Baker’s most recognisable images, The Enemy Within (Small) features a clutch of chicks against a dusky pink background, emblazoned with golden vines. The incongruity of the image and the artwork’s title is typical of Baker’s irreverent humour. At just £295, this silkscreen print is a bargain.

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