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— Katy Wickremesinghe
Dear All,

Happy London Fashion Week – wishing luck to creative London seeing innovative fashion design moving between physical catwalk and digital Tik-Tokking as LFW explores new hybrid models.

Speculation is rising as Jeff Koons announced that he will be entering the NFT market. Details of the works are yet to be released but it might be the biggest drop since Beeple’s.

Hair scarves, hats and driving gloves will be donned as classic car enthusiasts flock to Goodwood Revival this weekend where Bay Garnett will be presiding over a glamourous car boot sale and Jenson Button will be racing. If hot wheels don’t move you, head down to the Chelsea Flower Show next week for glorious blooms via the Frieze Sculpture show that is newly installed in Regents Park. This year’s edition brings together works of international artists including Ibrahim El-Salahi, Isamu Noguchi, Solange Pessoa, and Rose Wylie.

Meanwhile, Berlin Art Week will be attracting fans to its robust schedule of events, performances, talks and shows across the major galleries and collections. As the leaves start to turn their hues golden in the style of a Rebecca Manson sculpture, we wish you a happy weekend.

With best wishes from me and the KTW family,
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Objects of Desire

Ai Weiwei. The Silk Scarf ‘Haircut’

The Wick - Georgia Dant, Marfa Stance
Monday Muse

Interview Georgia Dant, Founder of Marfa Stance

The Wick - Goldentailx

Feature Digital Art Collective Goldentailx

The Wick - Rachel Jones, lick your teeth, they so clutch, 2021, and lick your teeth, they so clutch, 2021, in Mixing It Up Painting Today at Hayward Gallery, 2021. © Rachel Jones 2021.

Viewing Mixing It Up, Hayward Gallery

An expansive exhibition brings together 31 contemporary artists who exploit paint as their primary medium.

The Wick - Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich; artist; artista; performer; theatre director; regista teatrale; curatore; curator; theatre; teatro; russo; russian
Marina Abramovich; artist; artista; performer; Shock art; Feminist art; arte femminista; body art; art film; endurance art; conceptual art; arte concettuale; Biennale di Venezia; Venice Biennial; Serbian; Serba; NICO VASCELLARI; Ninoos Du Brasil; musicista; musician; cantante; singer; creative director; direttore creativo; Fendi; artist; artista; performer; Shock art; conceptual art; arte concettuale; Biennale di Venezia; Venice Biennial; Codalunga

Viewing Humble Works, Colnaghi London

Humble Works, a group exhibition of new pieces by Abramović, Nico Vascellari and Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich that respond to a series of masterworks spanning from Antiquity to the Modern Era.

The Wick - Joe Bradley, 2021, Courtesy Capitain Petzel, Berlin, Copyright the artist

Viewing Berlin Gallery Weekend *Discoveries

Scoping out the first edition of Gallery Weekend *Discoveries, a new series of exhibitions spotlighting fresh artistic talent organised by the Gallery Weekend Berlin network.

“The idea is not to rebel, the idea is to communicate.”

Jimi Hendrix