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— Katy Wickremesinghe
London Fashion Week is lighting up the capital as the event celebrates its 40th anniversary. CEO of the British Fashion Council Caroline Rush kicked things off with a photocall at the London Stock Exchange in Paternoster Square to flag the importance of an industry that contributes some £21 billion to the economy and employs around 900,000 people. According to Mintel figures, sales of womenswear were valued at an estimated £30.9 billion last year, with menswear at £15 billion.

Meanwhile, Mira Lee is the next artist for the Hyundai commission for the Turbine Hall. Lee, born in South Korea in 1988, lives and works between Amsterdam and Seoul, and deploys industrial materials for her kinetic sculptures. Talking of movement, Jeff Koons has dispatched his art to the Moon as part of his Moon Phases show, comprising 125 unique works, each consisting of three components: a sculpture that will be installed on the Moon in perpetuity, another that will stay on the Earth, and an NFT that corresponds with the sculptures on the Moon and the Earth. The lunar landing on an Intuitive Machines Nova-C Lunar Lander was launched on pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Centre in a fully autonomous mission.

“I grew up listening to President Kennedy speak about going to the moon,” Koons told the New York Times before the rocket’s take-off. “It gave our society a vision and drive that we could believe in ourselves and accomplish things.” Now what will the Clangers make of that?
The Wick - TURNTABLE II, 2024
Acrylic, LED lights
45cm diameter x 15cm height including 1.8cm feet
Edition of 150 plus 20 artist's proofs
Signature and edition number engraved on the side of the base

Objects of Desire

Turntable II (2024) by Brian Eno

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Interview curator and Black Cultural Archives director Lisa Anderson

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Spotlight artist Laura Ford

The Wick - Keira Knightley and Martha Freud at A Night on the Tiles with Martha Freud, for London Craft Week at Claridges ArtSpace Café.

Happenings ‘A Night on the Tiles’ at Claridge’s ArtSpace Café

The Wick - Henry Moore, The Arch, 1979–1980.

Happenings The Wick’s Top Ten Public Sculptures

The Wick - Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Cassava Garden, 2015, acrylic, transfers, colour pencil, charcoal and commemorative fabric on paper, 182.88 x 152.4 cm © Njideka Akunyili Crosby. Courtesy the artist, Victoria Miro, and David Zwirner. Photo: Robert Glowacki.

Viewing Soulscapes gives landscape art new resonance

See the world around you anew with a little help from Soulscapes, an exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery that is shaking up the landscape art genre.

The Wick - Yoko Ono with Glass Hammer 1967 from HALF-A-WIND SHOW, Lisson Gallery, London, 1967. Photo © Clay Perry

Viewing  A long overdue retrospective of conceptual art trailblazer Yoko Ono

Born in Tokyo nearly 91 years ago, Ono was a pioneer of early conceptual and participatory art, film and performance, as well as being a musician and a campaigner for world peace.

The Wick - Refik Anadol, Artificial Realities: Coral, 2023. Courtesy Refik Anadol Studios

Viewing:  Join AI pioneer Refik Anadol’s digital voyage beneath the sea

The Turkish artist, technologist and AI pioneer trained a unique AI model with approximately five billion images of corals openly accessible online to create his new sound and video experience “Artificial Realities: Coral” (2023).

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re too small.”

Richard Branson