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Step into a curated dreamscape by Minna Moore Ede with Victoria Miro through Vortic Curated. This exhibition unveils new works from sixteen visionary artists, spanning diverse mediums. Drawing inspiration from the Leda and the Swan myth, this contemporary exploration weaves the classical allure of sixteenth-century masters seamlessly into present interpretation.

Inspired by da Vinci and Michelangelo, the exhibition elegantly blends the myth’s sensuality with modernity, using surviving drawings as portals into Renaissance inquiries. In collaboration with Conrad Shawcross, Marina Warner guides us through the nuanced tapestry of myth, revealing divine and mortal facets of mythical progeny. Vortic Curated, a revolutionary series, unfolds virtually on the Vortic platform and with esteemed galleries, transcending traditional boundaries and redefining contemporary artistic expression.

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01 December 2023 — 13 January 2024

Viewing Arrival at Tiwani Contemporary

Dive into the vibrant world of Miranda Forrester’s art. She’s flipping the script on how Black womxn are portrayed in painting, giving a nod to queer Black feminism. Imagine this: she meticulously stretches plastic, applies paint on finely primed canvases—bringing her subjects to life, transcending the canvas with a pulse of movement and breath.

Her artistic alchemy involves layered transparency, peeling back the intricate layers of womanhood and challenging the conventional male gaze. For Forrester, the essence of her work lies in the celebration of feminine embodiment and the profound connections among women. It’s an immersive experience, a transformative journey into a realm you’ll find hard to depart from.

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23 November 2023 — 06 January 2024

Viewing Ekkyklema at Gagosian

Craving an artful winter escape? Jenny Saville’s exhibition, Ekkyklema, gracing London’s Davies Street gallery symbolises her quest for a visual language that navigates our dual existence in material and screen-centric realms—a universal theme encapsulating the moment and enigma of conception.

Inspired by colossal digital screens at major venues, Saville dissects body parts into angular, panels, echoing desktop interfaces and news broadcasts. Over the past year, she has refined this system, merging figuration and abstraction to capture our interwoven physical and electronic realities. The reclining figures resonating Picasso’s fragmented portraits reference the Greek myth of Danaë, with a palette drawn from watercolour studies of the Greek sky at sunset.

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30 November 2023 — 10 February 2024
The Wick - Courts and Fields 4 ©Ishkar
Objects of Desire

Object Courts and Fields 4 rug, by Christopher Le Brun

The Wick - Viewing Ekkyklema at Gagosian
Dream & Discover

Discover Roy Lichtenstein, Paper Shopping Bag

The Wick - Gianna Dispenza (Puiyee Won)

Feature Gianna Dispenza explores the female sitter

Visual Arts
The Wick - Half-Pint T-Shirt, Script x Charming Baker
Objects of Desire

Fashion Half-Pint T-shirt, Charming Baker x Script collaboration

Design, Fashion, Visual Arts
The Wick - Mika Tajima: Regulation at Simon Lee Gallery

Art D'Ameublement Karake
The Wick List

Viewing Mika Tajima, Regulation at Simon Lee Gallery

Visual Arts
The Wick - Time Takes a Cigarette, Josh Lilley Gallery
The Wick List

Viewing Time Takes a Cigarette at Josh Lilley Gallery

Visual Arts