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Viewing Impressionists on Paper: Degas to Toulouse-Lautrec

We all know their paintings, but Degas, Cézanne, Morisot and Van Gogh also produced radical works on paper – the subjects of the Royal Academy’s new exhibition. Together, their watercolours, drawings, pastels, gouaches and temperas challenged the idea of what a finished work could be. The 77 works on show – many of which have rarely been seen before due to their fragility – elevate what would have once been deemed a preparatory study into artworks in their own right.

The portability of paper meant the artist could capture life as it unfolded in front of them, including circus acts (Toulouse-Lautrec) and dancers in motion (Degas, of course). When gazing at their work, you can almost imagine you were there yourself.

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25 November 2023 — 05 March 2024

Viewing Francesca DiMattio: Wedgwood

We’d like to take up permanent residence inside the maximalist world created by Francesca DiMattio at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery. Against a backdrop of hand-painted wallpapers and vinyl flooring with a trompe l’oeil mosaic design, the artist’s ceramic sculptures and domestic objects disrupt our understanding of the decorative.

Bedecking the interior, you’ll find sculptural furniture that recalls 18th-century Sèvres porcelain, alongside a matching chandelier, a Rococo mirror and Wedgwood-inspired wall sconces, crockery and seating – but she plays with their scale and imbues each object with personality. Decorative elements behave unusually, jumping from pedestal to wall, while totemic figures clad in traditional decorative motifs sport unusual accessories, such as a suitcase for a shoe, and a snorkel.

All is not quite what it seems, but deciphering DiMattio’s decorative codes is all part of the fun.

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17 November 2023 — 23 December 2023

Viewing RankinLive at 47 Carnaby Street

Head down to 47 Carnaby Street to get behind the lens of legendary photography Rankin. RankinLive – first launched in 2009 and back for the festive season – sees him swap famous faces for the general public to give anyone the chance to experience the thrills of a professional photo shoot. Those feeling camera shy can watch people’s images appear on screen instead.

Tickets (£500 a pop and best to pre-book) include a 15 minute shoot, a chance to instantly review the portraits and “green tag” your favourites, one authenticated A4 inkjet print of your chosen image delivered to a UK address, and one digital file for personal digital use. Pucker up…

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22 November 2023 — 07 January 2024
The Wick - Courts and Fields 4 ©Ishkar
Objects of Desire

Object Courts and Fields 4 rug, by Christopher Le Brun

The Wick - Viewing RankinLive at 47 Carnaby Street
Dream & Discover

Discover Roy Lichtenstein, Paper Shopping Bag

The Wick - Gianna Dispenza (Puiyee Won)

Feature Gianna Dispenza explores the female sitter

Visual Arts
The Wick - Half-Pint T-Shirt, Script x Charming Baker
Objects of Desire

Fashion Half-Pint T-shirt, Charming Baker x Script collaboration

Design, Fashion, Visual Arts
The Wick - Mika Tajima: Regulation at Simon Lee Gallery

Art D'Ameublement Karake
The Wick List

Viewing Mika Tajima, Regulation at Simon Lee Gallery

Visual Arts
The Wick - Time Takes a Cigarette, Josh Lilley Gallery
The Wick List

Viewing Time Takes a Cigarette at Josh Lilley Gallery

Visual Arts