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Viewing Mika Tajima, Regulation at Simon Lee Gallery

Founded in London in 2002, Simon Lee Gallery has made its name championing artists who share a broad interest in the conceptual. In April works by the New-York based conceptual artist, Mika Tajima will be installed in its London space.

For her debut solo exhibition in the UK, Tajima presents new paintings, textile works and sculptures that explore the mental and physical transformations of the human body as a result of technocapitalism.

It includes new works from her ongoing ‘Negative Entropy’ series — woven acoustic portraits — and her ‘Art d’Ameublement’ series, which comprises a group of paintings made up of large vivid spectrums of atomized particles encased in transparent shells of thermoformed PETG.

Among the standout exhibits is a large-scale rose quartz sculpture that has been punctured by bronze nozzles cast from Jacuzzi jest. Tajima chose the material for its ability ‘to transform bodily energy, generate electricity, and regulate time keeping.’

Tajima’s art is complex, but it’s thought-provoking — and extraordinarily beautiful.

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12 April 2021 — 08 May 2021
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