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Viewing Time Takes a Cigarette at Josh Lilley Gallery

We saw, experienced and touched less art in 2020 than (almost) ever before. But just how much did this affect you? Did you miss it? Did you seek solace in it? Are you now more sensitive to it?

Time Takes a Cigarette, the first group exhibition at Josh Lilley’s recently expanded gallery in Fitzrovia, brings together works by 14 international artists that address our complex relationship with art and art making.

Highlights on display include Brandi Twilley’s theatrical tableaux, Kathleen Ryan’s mouldy fruit sculptures made from gemstones and Gareth Cadwallader’s pressure-formed miniatures.

The gallery is currently closed but works can be browsed online. You can also take a virtual tour of a slimmed-down show via the Vortic App.

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12 February 2021 — 25 March 2021
Josh Lilley Gallery
The Wick - Annie Morris in her installation
The Wick List

Viewing Annie Morris

The Wick - Elizabeth Dellert
Monday Muse

Interview Cromwell Place's Elizabeth Dellert

The Wick -  This Bright Land at Somerset House
The Wick List

Doing This Bright Land

The Wick - Rashid Johnson at H&W Menorca. Photo: Daniel Schäfer
The Wick List

Viewing Rashid Johnson: Sodade

Visual Arts
The Wick - Wilderness Festival 2021. Image Andrew Hughes.
The Wick List

Doing Wilderness Festival

The Wick - Fleur Yearsley at Sapling Gallery

Interview Artist Fleur Yearsley

Visual Arts