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Viewing The Power of She

Bowman Sculpture and Guerin Projects present ‘The Power of She: A Tribute to Women in the Arts,’ curated by Marie-Claudine Llamas and Mica Bowman. Held in London’s St James’s district, the exhibition features 14 artists and celebrates the overlooked history of female artists, and explores themes of women’s roles, nature, and the human condition. By showcasing works from the 18th century to the present, ‘The Power of She’ challenges the male-dominated art world and provides a platform for women artists to shine. 

Renowned sculptors like Camille Claudel and contemporary artists, including Emily Young, are featured. The exhibition goes beyond artworks, offering performances, talks, and discussions to amplify women’s voices and address gender inequality. It is a powerful statement about the enduring significance of art in breaking down societal barriers and recognising women’s contributions. ‘The Power of She’ honours the creativity and spirit of women artists, past and present, as it calls for greater representation and appreciation in the arts. Alongside the exhibition runs a six-week programme of events, including a performance by Natascha Mair, Prima Ballerina of the English National Ballet, female musicians and DJs and talks from several participating artists.

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04 May 2023 — 16 June 2023

Viewing Gary Simmons This Must Be the Place

Hurry over to Hauser & Wirth’s Savile Row gallery to witness Gary Simmons’ solo exhibition ‘This Must Be the Place’. Renowned as a luminary of the late 1980s and early 1990s, Gary Simmons mesmerises audiences with his mesmerising creations, delving into the intricate tapestry of race, class, and societal clichés. Enter his captivating realm of multi-layered paintings, where star motifs twinkle with multifaceted meanings. These celestial symbols sparkle with hope, dreams, and the bittersweet taste of loss.

Simmons, the maestro of gestural techniques, breathes life into his artwork, allowing the motifs to simultaneously emerge and vanish, like fleeting shooting stars in a moonlit sky. In this captivating dance of paint and sculpture, Simmons invites us to witness the extraordinary fusion of past and present, where stories are told and retold, leaving an indelible trace in our collective consciousness. Immerse yourself in this celestial experience this weekend.

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25 May 2023 — 29 June 2023

View The Chelsea Flower Show

The Wick - RHS Chelsea Flower Show

View The Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show
Royal Chelsea Hospital
23 – 27 May 2023

Behold, the Chelsea Flower Show has landed! A harmonious fusion of art and nature awaits, showcasing fresh installations and ground-breaking innovations. This year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, running from May 22 to 27, marks a pivotal moment in the world of gardening and is the event on the horticultural calendar. Continuing the tradition, the show will grace the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, London, enveloped in a theme that celebrates the rejuvenating influence of gardens and gardening. It will spotlight the positive impact of gardens on individuals’ well-being, as well as their crucial role in environmental preservation.

Despite its century-old legacy, this year’s show is brimming with novel experiences. Excitingly, fungi growers will participate for the first time, alongside the unveiling of numerous new plant species. Another remarkable development is the unprecedented dominance of female designers in the competition, surpassing their male counterparts. With tickets in high demand, missing out on this must-see spectacle is not an option! Tickets are hot currency, and this is must-see, so don’t miss out!

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The Wick - Gianna Dispenza (Puiyee Won)

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The Wick - Mika Tajima: Regulation at Simon Lee Gallery

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Viewing Mika Tajima, Regulation at Simon Lee Gallery

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The Wick - Time Takes a Cigarette, Josh Lilley Gallery
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Viewing Time Takes a Cigarette at Josh Lilley Gallery

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The Wick - Untitled 2020
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Viewing Idris Khan, The Seasons Turn at Victoria Miro

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The Wick - A sleeping guy in the meadow 2021
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Viewing dear moon by Shota Nakaruma at Peres Projects

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