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Viewing Impressionists on Paper: Degas to Toulouse-Lautrec

We all know their paintings, but Degas, Cézanne, Morisot and Van Gogh also produced radical works on paper – the subjects of the Royal Academy’s new exhibition. Together, their watercolours, drawings, pastels, gouaches and temperas challenged the idea of what a finished work could be. The 77 works on show – many of which have rarely been seen before due to their fragility – elevate what would have once been deemed a preparatory study into artworks in their own right.

The portability of paper meant the artist could capture life as it unfolded in front of them, including circus acts (Toulouse-Lautrec) and dancers in motion (Degas, of course). When gazing at their work, you can almost imagine you were there yourself.

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25 November 2023 — 05 March 2024
The Wick - Installation view, ‘Gerhard Richter: Engadin,’ Segantini Museum, St. Moritz, 16 December 2023 until 13 April 2024 © 2023 Gerhard Richter (09122023). Photo: Jon Etter
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Viewing Gerhard Richter’s ode to the Alps

The Wick - Fragmentin, 'Global Wiring', 2022
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Viewing High culture in Verbier

The Wick - Image courtesy of Muzeum Susch Art Stations Foundation,  photography, by Federico Sette
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Viewing A tribute to the radical sculptures of Anu Põder

The Wick - London Made Me pop up shop.
Carnaby Street
December 2023
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Doing London Made Me Shop

The Wick - Dani Trew, 'A Twitch on the Thread'
Coloured pencil and gouache on paper
101 x 102
large diptych with women plaiting hair
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Viewing The Drawing Year 2023

The Wick - Chris Levine, 'Be Nice' Exhibition
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Viewing Be Nice exhibition