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Viewing Orlanda Broom: Rewild at Grove Square Galleries

Mysterious, exotic and ablaze with brilliant colour, the mesmerising floralscapes of British artist Orlanda Broom draw the eye every which way you look. Her highly-saturated imagined visions combine fictional plantlife with abstract organic forms and seem to exist outside of a specific time or place.

In lockdown Broom focused on the more jubilant aspects of her practice, creating a new series of paintings celebrating the natural world.

‘The connection to nature and aspects of escapism have always been a theme but it’s particularly pertinent now as people’s appreciation of being outdoors has grown,’ she says. ‘I’d like my love of nature to come through and engage people to also think about what the future holds… can our planet rewild?’

Currently on display at Grove Square Galleries in Fitzrovia, these buoyant new works offer a colourful escape from our current — dare we say, still-a-little-frazzled — state of being. Hop to it!

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29 April 2021 — 11 June 2021
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The Wick - Topiary 26, Plum Cloutman, 2021
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Viewing In Heat: Plum Cloutman and Nettle Grellier at Blue Shop Cottage

Visual Arts
The Wick - Untitled (McAlister Coat-of-Arms), n.d.
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Viewing Frank Walter at David Zwirner, Grafton Street

Visual Arts
The Wick - Ocean Park, Puerto Rico, 2019
Oil on canvas
80 x 60 inches
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Viewing Enoc Perez at Guild Hall, New York

The Wick - Life, 2021
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Viewing Olafur Eliasson at Fondation Beyeler, Basel

Travel, Visual Arts
The Wick - Ryoji Ikeda at 180 Studios
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Viewing Ryoji Ikeda at 180 Studios, The Strand

Visual Arts
The Wick - Dancing Pumpkin, 2020
New York Botanical Garden
Courtesy of Ota Fine Arts
Photo by Robert Benson photography
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Viewing Yayoi Kusama in the New York Botanical Garden

Travel, Visual Arts