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Viewing Hilary Pecis: Piecemeal Rhythm, Timothy Taylor

The richly coloured, deliberately flattened paintings of Los Angeles artist Hilary Pecis are as alluring as they are intriguing. ‘There’s a rhythm within my paintings,’ she says. ‘Each work has a certain wonky quality, a fluidity that I try to keep throughout the process.’

The artist’s first solo exhibition in the UK presents interior scenes, cityscapes, still lifes and landscapes inspired by photographs, memories and the space around her. Thrust centre stage are a range of intimate objects, from overflowing fruit bowls and piles of books to wilting flowers and open wine bottles, that allude to the rhythms of daily life. Visual cues such as newspaper headlines hint at specific time and place.

What strikes, though, is her palette’s luminosity — each scene is suffused with a California sunlight that brings a distinctly Los Angeles feel to traditionally European genres of painting. Dive into her world — as weird and wonderful as it is.

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14 May 2021 — 16 June 2021
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The Wick - Gallery view Summer Exhibition 2022
Photo: © David Parry/ Royal Academy of Arts
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The Wick - Still Point, Nancy Cadogan
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Viewing The Still Point by Nancy Cadogan

The Wick - Serpentine Pavilion 2022 designed by Theaster Gates © Theaster Gates Studio. Photo- Iwan Baan. Courtesy- Serpentine 3
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The Wick - Sotheby’s Jubilee Arts Festival
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The Wick - Installation views of Among the Machines at Zabludowicz Collection
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Viewing Among the Machines