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Viewing Arthur Timothy: Postcards from a Promised Land

Arthur Timothy’s paintings of deserted beaches, street vendors and abandoned buildings in Sierra Leone will make you stop and stare. Painted from holiday pictures from 1985 until the present day, they showcase the country’s great natural beauty and resilience in the face of adversity, while also revealing its ongoing transformation.

As you meander around the gallery, you’ll encounter the people, places and architecture of this ‘promised land’. (Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, was founded in 1792 as a settlement for freed African American, Afro-Caribbean and liberated African slaves.) Some of the paintings are deeply personal; others less so. What unites them all, though, is ‘the ongoing triumph of beauty over hardship.’

Using vibrant tones and intriguing angles, Timothy offers a nuanced insight into the place he grew up and shows that despite the struggles endured in the wake of slavery, colonialism, Ebola and Civil War, Sierra Leone is a place of outstanding majesty. Catch it while you can!

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09 December 2022 — 28 January 2023
The Wick - Installation view, ‘Gerhard Richter: Engadin,’ Segantini Museum, St. Moritz, 16 December 2023 until 13 April 2024 © 2023 Gerhard Richter (09122023). Photo: Jon Etter
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Viewing Gerhard Richter’s ode to the Alps

The Wick - Fragmentin, 'Global Wiring', 2022
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Viewing High culture in Verbier

The Wick - Image courtesy of Muzeum Susch Art Stations Foundation,  photography, by Federico Sette
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Viewing A tribute to the radical sculptures of Anu Põder

The Wick - London Made Me pop up shop.
Carnaby Street
December 2023
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Doing London Made Me Shop

The Wick - Dani Trew, 'A Twitch on the Thread'
Coloured pencil and gouache on paper
101 x 102
large diptych with women plaiting hair
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Viewing The Drawing Year 2023

The Wick - Chris Levine, 'Be Nice' Exhibition
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Viewing Be Nice exhibition