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Viewing Avedon: Glamorous

Glitz and glamour arrive at Hamiltons with the celebration of the late American Photographer Richard Avedon’s centenary. Showcasing iconic and rare photographs, the exhibition centres around glamour, which was a central theme in Avedon’s work. Avedon was known for his ability to bring sophistication and appeal to his subjects, capturing the essence of notable figures and infusing even the mundane with excitement.

Avedon was a pioneer and influential photographer who began his career at Harper’s Bazaar in 1945. The exhibition, curated in collaboration with The Avedon Foundation, highlights Avedon’s profound understanding of capturing human emotion and transcendent glamour through the lens. His portraits reveal the true character of his sitters and invite viewers to connect with the individuals beyond their public personas. Avedon’s revolutionary approach redefined fashion and perceptions of glamour, leaving an unmatched legacy in the world of photography.

If you’re looking for something glamorous to add to your diary, head to Hamiltons for this special exhibit.

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17 May 2023 — 14 May 2023
The Wick - Viewing Avedon: Glamorous
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The Wick - Li Hei Di
The Opposite of Black is Red, 2018
Maryland Ins)tute College of Art, Bal)more, ML
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La vague, 1896

Oil on Canvas,
121 x 160.5 cm
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The Wick - The Power of She, Installation Shot
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The Wick - Gary Simmons
Ghost Town Skies
Oil paint and cold wax on canvas
213.4 x 274.3 cm / 84 x 108 in
Photo: Keith Lubow

© Gary Simmons
Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth
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