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Viewing Art in Flux: Reclaimed

Established in 2016, Art in Flux champions artists from underrepresented groups to ensure diversity within the art world. ‘As an artist and curator, I believe that contemporary art has a responsibility to contribute to societal change,’ explains María Almena, the co-founder of Art in Flux. ‘By curating events that reclaim space for talented but underrepresented groups, I am hoping to lead the way towards a more thoughtful and inclusive way of experiencing art.’

This new virtual exhibition, launched in collaboration with National Gallery X, celebrates the most radical and innovative mixed media artists working today, among them Aminder Virdee, Camille Baker and Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley.

Baker’s INTER/her, for example, spotlights post-reproductive issues in women over 40, while Brainf*ck, a playful reactive brainwave sculpture by Olive Gingrich and Shama Rahman, responds to states of sensualisation using 3D bodyscans.

Though galleries and museums around the world are preparing to reopen their doors, virtual viewing experiences are here to stay. And this is one of the very best. Just make sure to browse in Chrome.

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The Wick - Gallery view Summer Exhibition 2022
Photo: © David Parry/ Royal Academy of Arts
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Doing Summer Exhibition

The Wick - Still Point, Nancy Cadogan
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Viewing The Still Point by Nancy Cadogan

The Wick - Serpentine Pavilion 2022 designed by Theaster Gates © Theaster Gates Studio. Photo- Iwan Baan. Courtesy- Serpentine 3
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Doing Serpentine Summer Season 2022

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The Wick - Sotheby’s Jubilee Arts Festival
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Doing Sotheby’s Jubilee Arts Festival

The Wick - Installation views of Among the Machines at Zabludowicz Collection
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Viewing Among the Machines