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Viewing Once Upon a Turquoise Past

Curated by art historian Carrie Scott, Once Upon a Turquoise Past presents new photographic work by the art collector, patron and writer Maryam Eisler. Captured in the early-winter light at Leighton House — the opulent Kensington home of Orientalist Lord Leighton — this new series blends colours, patterns, cultural references and social histories, transporting the viewer into another world. It also explores Eisler’s continued interest in depicting the female form — the Sublime Feminine — through plays on light.

Born in Iran and raised in Europe and later in New York, Eisler draws inspiration from the world around her. In this series, she looks at everything from the turquoise-tiled domes of her homeland and 19th-century European literature to the colours and gloss of 1980s New York. In doing so, she creates visual wonderlands that are intriguing as they are bewitching.
Above  The Wick x The Stitch: Maryam Eisler at Linley London

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04 November 2021 — 28 November 2021
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The Wick - 4. Skate at Somerset House with Moët & Chandon 2022. Image by Owen Harvey
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Viewing Skate at Somerset House

The Wick - Claridge's Christmas Tree 2022 by Sandra Choi for Jimmy Choo 5
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Viewing Claridge’s Christmas Tree & The Connaught Christmas Tree

The Wick - Dandelions at Christmas at Blenheim Palace Photo by Richard Haughton © Sony Music
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Viewing Christmas at Blenheim Palace

The Wick - The Sitting, 2022, Stacey Gillian
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Viewing Stacey Gillian Abe

The Wick - Art Basel Miami Beach
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Viewing Art Basel Miami Beach

The Wick - Sculpture with Colour (Deep Blue and Red), 1940 © Bowness. Photo © Tate
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Viewing Barbara Hepworth: Art & Life