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Viewing Triangle: Will Kendrick, Catherine Parsonage, Jess Power

Since its launch in 2015, the Freelands Foundation has championed innovative approaches to art education through partnerships and programmes across the UK. Its current exhibition, Triangle, presents the work of the three artists on the inaugural Freelands Painting Fellowships.

There is a pleasingly diverse range of work on display. Look closer at the abstract compositions of Jess Power and you’ll soon decipher a smattering of recognisable references including fantasy creatures, elements of landscape and furniture. Will Kendrick’s installations, meanwhile, examine the world around us and its materials through themes of science fiction and alien life. As for Catherine Parsonage, her intriguing paintings fuse a variety of styles and references, prompting the viewer to question the canon of art history.

For the duration of the exhibition, the Reading Room will also present selected texts and publications that relate to the artists’ practice. A compelling exhibition that will open your ideas to new and exciting ideas in art.

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13 January 2022 — 20 February 2022
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The Wick - SMIIILLLLEEEE, 2021
The Wick List

Viewing Rachel Jones: SMIIILLLLEEEE

The Wick - Brent Stirton, 2013. From the series: Burns Capital Of The World, 2013
© Brent Stirton, Getty Images, Prix Pictet. Courtesy of the artist and
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Viewing Prix Pictet: Fire

The Wick - Installation views of ‘Masterpieces in Miniature: The 2021 Model Art Gallery’ at Pallant House
Gallery. Photography: Rob Harris
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Viewing Masterpieces in Miniature: The 2021 Model Art Gallery

The Wick - Kristy M Chan, To(e)tally (K)not, 2021
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Viewing Kristy M Chan: Totally Not

The Wick - David Shrigley: Mayfair Tennis Ball Exchange at Stephen Friedman Gallery, London
The Wick List

Viewing David Shrigley: Mayfair Tennis Ball Exchange

The Wick - Julian Opie, Winter Night (2021)
The Wick List

Viewing Julian Opie: Collected Works/ Works Collected