Interview Textile artist Daisy May Collingridge

Championed by Joe Kennedy
The Wick - Daisy May Collingridge, Lean on me, (Burt and Hillary), 2021
Above  Daisy May Collingridge, Lean on me, (Burt and Hillary), 2021
The Wick - Daisy May Collingridge
Above  Daisy May Collingridge
Daisy May Collingridge
17 August 2022
Daisy May Collingridge
17 August 2022
Joe Kennedy established the artistic platform Unit London in 2013, with Jonny Burt, to help successfully launch and advance the careers of contemporary artists. Its Mayfair space, which followed in 2018, has presented group and solo shows featuring Linder, Helen Beard, Ryan Hewett, Jake Wood-Evans and Thrush Holmes.

Kennedy first discovered the London-based artist Daisy May Collingridge online. He says: “I was initially introduced to Daisy’s work through Instagram, which has been an important tool for us in connecting with artists from across the globe. What first struck me about her work was the way her sculptures immediately reflect an unusual force of personality and skill, both of which Daisy holds in spades. Her gentle and warm approach to her practice and the way that people interact with her touchable, squishy universe is a breath of fresh air in an often impervious and rigid contemporary art world.”
Collingridge’s multi-disciplinary practice is focused on the exploration of the human form through the interplay between sculpture and performance art. Her cloth bodies, which are made up of overlapping layers of skin-like rolls that have been hand-stitched from jersey and cotton, celebrate flesh, form and movement, and make us consider what we are made of. They explore the idea of familiarity and our most intimate relationship – the one we have with our own body.

Collingridge says: “My practice is materials led. Experimenting with the possibilities of cloth gets me excited. My current favourite works are the 16th-century anatomical illustrations of Andreas Vesalius. There is a weird juxtaposition of morbid subject matter that’s depicted in an animated way to make the corpses appear alive. They are also beautifully drawn.

“I also draw inspiration from choreographers like Pina Bausch and Yoann Bourgeois. I love the way bodies connect and interact in movement pieces.”

Kennedy adds: “Daisy’s work explores the universal want for human closeness during a time when human connection is so drastically lacking; her works offer a sense of familiarity and comfort. At the heart of Unit London has always been the commitment to bringing people together, and working with Daisy to achieve this has been an immense honour. I can only await in anticipation for everything that she is yet to accomplish.”

Collingridge’s work can next be seen in the group show ‘Fragments’, presented by Subtitle Labs at the Omer Tiroche Gallery, from September 8 until October 5. She will also be revealing a short film that she made in collaboration with director Isabelle Garrett, supported by the Sarabande Foundation, which was set up by the late Lee Alexander McQueen. She says: “We have worked together on different projects for a number of years but it is really exciting to create this film, which is a collision of our two universes.”

About the champion

The Wick - Joe Kennedy

As one of the youngest gallerists in the game when he co-founded Unit London at the age of 22, Joe Kennedy is committed to understanding and delivering what the future art market is demanding. Since launching Unit London’s Mayfair space in 2018, Kennedy and co-founder Jonny Burt have worked with artists including Sthenjwa Luthuli, Suchitra Mattai, Barti Kher, and curators such as David Anfam, Azu Nwagbogu and our former Monday Muses Aindrea Emelife and Fru Tholstrup.

“Daisy’s work explores the universal want for human closeness during a time when human connection is so drastically lacking.”

Place of Birth

Purley, England.


A BA diploma in Fashion Design Womenswear at Central St Martins in 2010-2014.

Awards, Accolades

Daisy was invited by Rankin to be part of the Best Seat in the House campaign and exhibition for WaterAid to raise the status of the humble toilet.

Spiritual guides, Mentors

I regularly talk to my best friend who is an actress. It’s beneficial to talk with people who have different practices/outcomes but whose work sits within the creative industry. It can offer a fresh perspective with the acknowledgement of the pitfalls that insecurities can have when putting work into the world.

Current Exhibitions

‘Grossly Affectionate’ at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art until September 2022.

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