Objects of Desire

The Wick - Objects La Doublej Glasses

Objects La Doublej Glasses

Former style journalist, the exuberant JJ Martin, is also known for being an excellent host and she has channelled her knowledge into creating some fine tableware, handmade in her adopted country of Italy. The American born entrepreneur, turned to Salviati, the Murano based glassmaker (founded in 1859) to make brilliant vessels for her lifestyle brand, La Double J. For the first edition, she looked to Salviati’s archive and resurrected the ornate and intricate ‘tipetti’ glasses which became fashionable in the 19th century for ceremonies. The collaboration continues with JJ and Salviati finding a happy balance between functionality (the glasses are dishwasher friendly) and exquisite style. The Rainbow Set features four glasses in yellow, red, pink, and cobalt blue with rippling rigadin surfaces. Each is handblown thus unique and finished with a contrasting colour rim: perfect for a celebratory bellini as the sun sets.

The Wick - Objects Bottega Veneta Roller Skates

Objects Bottega Veneta Roller Skates

With roller skating undergoing a renaissance not witnessed since the 1970s, London parks and Bristol’s new Bump Roller Disco are seeing a peak in wheel traffic, as a new generation of skaters show off their sassy rexing, dipping and spread-eagling moves. Check Australian, @peachyskaterr for her retro outfits and grooves. Devotees swear it is the best exercise for inner thighs while signalling good vibes all round. But what about taking this recreation to the next level? Daniel Lee, creative director at Bottega Veneta, has launched BV roller-skates with a retro silhouette and crafted in soft lambskin with sleek detailing including a padded ankle cuff. In pea green leather, with 6cm diameter matching wheels, these skates are the cat’s whiskers. Interested? Watch Olivia Newton-John in Xanadu in preparation for your skate debut.

The Wick - Objects 'Objects of Desire' by Clare Sestanovich

Objects ‘Objects of Desire’ by Clare Sestanovich

Author, Clare Sestanovich is being heralded as a brilliant new writer and compared to Joan Didion, Zadie Smith for her sparse, nuanced, and sensorial prose. Her first collection of eleven short stories entitled Objects of Desire (Pan MacMillan) unveils themes of womanhood, self-identity and lust in meticulously crafted narratives that are rich with mesmerising detail that highlights the chasm between who we really are and how we might want to appear. Brooklyn based Sestanovich, who works as an editor at The New Yorker is immersed in wordsmithing. “When I write about sex, I think what I’m trying hardest to capture is that murkiness. What keeps us from getting what we want? What keeps us from knowing what we want?” she told the Paris Review. Her depiction of social encounters and description of the invisible fabric of our lives, is resonant as we all tackle the re-entry into post pandemic reality.

The Wick - Art Large Pink Elephant Ear Plant, Brazen Botany

Art Large Pink Elephant Ear Plant, Brazen Botany

The art of nature. Brazen Botany was launched in 2020 by set designer Caroline Byrne as an antidote to lockdown isolation – and to remedy her unfortunate knack for killing plants. These statement artworks in the shape of domestic houseplants are a way of bringing vibrance into a space, introducing what Byrne describes as ‘the magic of a tropical jungle inside [the] home’. In these high-quality designs, handmade from her studio in North London, Byrne channels her experience of creating ad campaigns and window displays for luxury brands – creating colourful and atmospheric set pieces that need no watering or maintenance.

The Wick - Design Alessi Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer, Philippe Starck

Design Alessi Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer, Philippe Starck

It’s testament to Philippe Starck’s talent that even his lemon squeezer has become a 20th-century design icon. ‘My idea is to bring happiness, respect, vision, poetry, surrealism and magic’ said the French designer, whose work puts the funk in function. Fusing Pop Art shapes with Space Age influences, the concept of the Alessi Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer came about when Starck was squeezing lemon juice over a tasty plate of calamari. Thirty years later, it’s the culinary landmark of kitchen tops and dinner tables worldwide – and has even landed behind the illustrious glass of institutions such as the V&A in London and MoMA in New York. Still plenty of juice left in this one.

The Wick - Design In Hale Rouge Belge Copper, Ben Storms

Design In Hale Rouge Belge Copper, Ben Storms

Defying gravity. Ben Storms is a Belgian designer and craftsman whose bold experimentation with materials results in work that is innovative, captivating – and unexpected. In the case of his In Hale table series, Storms juxtaposes materials in a way that draws out new and often illusory qualities. For example, in the Rouge Belge Copper coffee table – a feat of industrial grandeur – the weighty layer of marble is effortlessly held up by a sheet of inflated metal. ‘By creating shapes that verge on the impossible,’ he says, ‘I confuse the viewers, make them lose their balance briefly, and stimulate them to look at familiar materials with a fresh eye.’ See how many tomes you can balance on it.

The Wick - Fashion Longer Jacket, Rains Mac

Fashion Longer Jacket, Rains Mac

Foolproof fashion. It’s the ultimate British summerwear: waterproof, lightweight and a classic yet casual throw-on option, the Rains Mac has kept us dry from the storms of summer since 2012. The Scandinavian label was founded by two Danish students under the slogan ‘to enjoy yourself even on rainy days’ – a sentiment that’s never applied more than in 2021. The Rains Longer Jacket is a unisex option finished with backside ventilation and identifiably Rains cut lines, among other features. For good measure, this design falls below the knees and is the longest of the three silhouettes: the art of keeping dry.

The Wick - Design Summer Night Beach Umbrella, KLAOOS

Design Summer Night Beach Umbrella, KLAOOS

Rain or shine, beach or patio, life’s an eternal holiday with the Klaoos Summer Night Beach Umbrella. Prizing sustainability, design and 100% made in Europe, this eco-friendly product is made from fully recycled plastic bottles, testament to Klaoos’ mission to reduce the plastic waste that’s filling the beaches and oceans. The perfect addition to all nature-celebrating occasions – from countryside picnics to seaside dips – the design comes with a vibrant, geometric pattern. It’s said that all over the world, an umbrella is thrown out every 2 seconds. Not here, though: this is one to make lifelong memories under.

The Wick - Design Hammock, MAKA

Design Hammock, MAKA

Lie back and dream away in the MAKA hammock. Created by Colombian-born Yaiza Dronkers Londoño, these handcrafted designs are a colourful revival of the country’s hammock-making tradition (from the Spanish ‘hamaca’). Her style merges a contemporary look and feel with classic weaving techniques, as demonstrated by the various designs on offer. From the Poncho design inspired by the Colombian fashion item to the Frangipani’s blending effect, the MAKA hammock brings a cheerful artisanal touch to proceedings. Whether reclining in your back garden or cocooned on your apartment block balcony, there are no limits to where your mind will travel.