Objects of Desire

The Wick - Design Soft Amphora Vase, Vase Tapis Tapis, Charles Antonie Chappuis

Design Soft Amphora Vase, Vase Tapis Tapis, Charles Antonie Chappuis

A sustainable blend of sculpture, textile and domestic object, this Soft Amphora Vase is the latest art-design must-have. Handmade by the Amsterdam-based, Swiss-Brazilian designer Charles Antoine Chappuis as part of his Vase Tapis Tapis collection, it epitomises the signature sweet-spot of his work between the functional and the sculptural. The Vase is composed of recycled glass, linen and mix of recycled fibres and covered with a flexible, hand-knitted fabric. To make it feel even more like ‘yours’ (a relatable impulse), the handles themselves are malleable, lending a personalised touch.

The flowers are optional with this one.

The Wick - Künstlerstuhl (Artist's Chair), Franz West

Design Künstlerstuhl (Artist’s Chair), Franz West

‘I came to art via the places where artists meet, places where you would go and sit,’ once recalled Franz West. In these Künstlerstuhl (Artist’s Chairs), he brings his artistic touch to where it all began. The late Austrian artist was celebrated all over the world for his abstract and interactive sculptures, and his foray into furniture design reflected his passion for the relationship between art and social experience, viewer and object. The chairs were even the subject of an exhibition at David Zwirner in 2019, who described them as ‘among the most comfortable that I’ve come across.’

The Wick - PANGAIA x Takashi Murakami x Bee The Change

Fashion PANGAIA x Takashi Murakami x Bee The Change

With World Bee Day approaching on 20 May, sustainable clothing brand PANGAIA is all abuzz with a new fashion collaboration to mark the launch of its new Bee the Change fund. The PANGAIA x Takashi Murakami collection features the artist’s signature flower prints and a new bee character designed specifically for the project. Aiming to raise funds to protect and preserve vulnerable and endangered bee species across the world, the T-shirts ($95) and hoodies ($220) are made from organic and recycled cotton and come in a variety of orchid, cobalt and daisy-yellow colours. It’s a must-have intersection of art, design and awareness-raising.

The Wick - Hold Still by The Duchess of Cambridge

Photography Hold Still by The Duchess of Cambridge

The words ‘photobook’ and ‘pandemic’ might not sound particularly congruous – but this new publication, Hold Still, provides a snapshot of 2020 Britain that is poignant, powerful and life-affirming. The project was started by the Duchess of Cambridge a year ago with the intention of capturing a ‘portrait of the nation’ during Covid-19. The 100 images, hand-selected from more than 31,000 entries by the Duchess herself, were first put on display in a digital exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery and have been assembled into this brand-new book on sale from today. Whether your coffee table’s ready for it just yet, it’s a historic document in the making.

The Wick - Design Crevasse Vase, Zaha Hadid x Alessi

Design Crevasse Vase, Zaha Hadid x Alessi

Cutting edge. The late, great Dame Zaha Hadid is best known for expansive architectural designs that grace the skyline of modern metropolises all over the world. This collection with Alessi Spa presents her designs in compact, ownable form, evoking the fluid and dynamic quality of her buildings. The Crevasse Vase (unveiled 2005-2011) presents two mirror-plated vases cut from a single block, diagonally scored to create an inverted connecting pair or to stand on its own. Though Hadid is often dubbed ‘Queen of the Curve’, the vase is strikingly angular in shape – a distinctive piece of homeware beautifully twisted and simple in its idiosyncrasy.

The Wick - Dawn, Calico Wallpaper

Design Dawn, Calico Wallpaper

Put the sunrise on pause with this dreamy Calico Wallpaper. The brand’s latest series of gradient wall coverings, Dawn, has been made in collaboration with Ini Archibong, Dimorestudio, Sabine Marcelis, and Neri & Hu. The designs were created remotely during the 2020 pandemic and aim to inspire feelings of hope, optimism and peace at a challenging time. From lake-inspired aquamarine blues to the golden glow of the desert, each wall covering evokes peaceful colour combinations inspired by nature. Plus, with every purchase, a portion of the proceeds go to charities selected in partnership with the guest designers. Good vibes only.


The Wick - Chris Levine, Stillness Is A Portal To The Divine, The Print and The Poem 2021, Jealous Gallery

Art Chris Levine, Stillness Is A Portal To The Divine, The Print and The Poem 2021

The text overlaying this Kate Moss print gets to the very heart of the genius of Chris Levine’s practice. By capturing his subjects in a moment of meditative stillness, the light artist has created some of the most iconic portraits of the 21st century, drawing out the spiritual personality of his sitters (who have also included the likes of Grace Jones and Queen Elizabeth II). This work is being presented for this year’s The Print and The Poem series – an annual release by Jealous Gallery and Enitharmon Editions that aims to foster a valid and honest dialogue between art and writing – in conjunction with the London Original Print Fair (1-8 May 2021).

Stillness Is A Portal To The Divine is available in person to view and purchase as an edition of 250 from Jealous East.

The Wick - Hand Painted Lamp, Luke Edward Hall

Objects Hand-painted lampshades, Luke Edward Hall

Home is where the art is. Since opening his own studio in 2015, Luke Edward Hall has fast become one of Britain’s most exciting designers, with a creative eye to brighten up any interior – and in this case, literally. Combining his talents as an artist, designer and illustrator, these lampshades epitomise Hall’s trademark decorative style, full of joy and poetry. Exuding personality, the romantic, mythological figures capture the old-world charm that permeates through many of Hall’s creations – all through a contemporary burst of hand-painted line and colour. The lights are on and we’re at home.

The Wick - Pineapple Bag, Loewe Paul's Ibiza

Objects Pineapple bag, LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza

Fashion bearing fruit. This playful, high-summer collaboration between Loewe and Paula’s Ibiza harks back to the free-spirited mood of the Spanish island in the 1970s. Packing punch (of the tropical beachside cocktail kind), the Pineapple bag has been crafted in Spain from leather strips intricately woven to resemble the fruit and its leaves, suspended from a slender strap. The annual collection between both brands is celebrated for its kaleidoscopic colours, natural textures and exotic motifs, and this feels an instantly iconic addition. Island getaway here we come.