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Viewing The National COVID memorial wall

Around 150,000 hand drawn hearts have been painted onto a wall along the south bank of the River Thames. Each heart represents one life lost in the UK to coronavirus so far. Hearts will continue to be added as the UK Covid-19 death toll continues to climb.

Becky Kummer, whose father died from coronavirus in April 2020, has described her involvement in the wall’s creation as ‘therapeutic’: ‘I’ve done a lot of my grieving in isolation,’ she said. ‘Being here has meant feeling like part of a coming together to memorialise all of our losses.’

Co-ordinated by Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice, the installation stretches almost 500 metres between Westminster and Lambeth bridges, opposite the Houses of Parliament. Walking the wall takes about 10 minutes — an experience that is as heart-wrenching as it is uplifting.

As the effects of the pandemic continue to rage, this moving display publicly commemorates those we’ve lost. Let’s hope it stays!

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Objects Anissa Kermiche, Love Handles ceramic vase

Crafty curves. Anissa Kermiche is a French-Algerian designer whose work brings a lively infusion of art to the domestic, as evidenced in this fun, flower-bearing form. Naturally speckled and crafted from ceramic in Portugal, the Love Handles vase brings a nice touch of ‘cheek’ to all corners of the house and is available in variety of finishes including black matte (pictured). Inspired by the iconic, robust works of Constantin Brâncusi – the patriarch of modern sculpture – Kermiche’s piece is all woman, celebrating individuality and naturalism in the female body. Bouquet or not, this piece blooms: full of sensuality and statement, the hips don’t lie.


Viewing Desert X 2021

Desert X has returned to California’s Coachella Valley with 13 site-specific art installations that explore the desert as both a place and an idea. The exhibited works look at the conditions, environment and indigenous communities of desert locations as well as the social, cultural and political contexts that shape our stories past, present and future.

Curated by Desert X artistic director Neville Wakefield and co-curator César García-Alvarez, Desert X 21 includes works by such celebrated artists as Eduardo Sarabia, Oscar Murillo and Nicholas Galanin.

Standout exhibits include Zahrah Alghamdi’s What Lies Behind the Walls, a monumental free-standing wall comprised of stacked material forms that reference the histories and cultures of the places from which they originate; and The Wishing Well by the Ghanaian artist Serge Attukwei Clottey.

Draped with sheets of woven pieces of yellow plastic Kufuor gallons, vessels introduced by Europeans and used by the people of Ghana to transport water, it addresses the urgent issue of water scarcity — both in Ghana and Palm Springs — as well as the legacies of empire in Africa.

The desert-spanning biennial runs until 16 May — and can also be explored online. Outdoor, thought-provoking and free, this is art for our times. (But yes, you will need a car if navigating IRL.)

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